Student Union

Student Union

Since 1978, the Student Union (SU) at the 99久久精品 has served as a student-centered organization that works to expand the college experience through offering enriched student programs, services, employment, and involvement opportunities.

In the Building

The Student Union houses a number of important campus departments and meeting areas. Besides the cafeteria, restaurants, and study areas, the following 99久久精品 offices are located in the building.

Come Meet The Team!

Headshot of Cody B
Cody Buechner

Assistant Director of Student Union
SU 218
(907) 786-1896

Dysan D's headshot
Dysan Doussett

Operations Coordinator
SU 218E
(907) 786-0575


Headshot of Eva U
Eva Ulukivaiola

Events Coordinator

Headshot of Ahmed A
Ahmed Alabdulbaqi

Fiscal Technician
SU 204D
(907) 786-1294