Transfer Credit

Get credit for classes taken at other institutionally accredited institutions and through national examinations or other nontraditional credit options.

How to Transfer Credit

  1. Send an Official Transcript

    Upon receipt of official transcripts, the Registrar's Office evaluates academic courses for 99久久精品 credit. This happens automatically for applicants and current students of undergraduate certificate, associate or bachelor degree programs. Students in other programs can meet with an academic advisor about the petition process.

  2. Receive an Equivalency Report

    Transfer credit evaluations are generally complete within five business days of transcript receipt. The Registrar's Office emails the student's preferred email (as set in UAOnline) address after the evaluation is complete and directs them to their equivalency report in .  is updated to include transferred classes.

  3. Review Report and  with Advisor

    After reviewing the report, contact an academic advisor to make decisions about which courses to take and whether to consider the process.

Anticipating Transfer Credit

The offers credit estimates immediately, recommendations for prospective students' best-fit majors, and customized support to guide them step by step through the enrollment process. Use this online transfer credit estimator to find quick and accurate information regarding how your credits meet degree requirements. For courses not available, submit a course for equivalency review directly in the .

The  shows how courses have recently transferred from a variety of institutions. Compare descriptions or search for courses that will transfer as equivalent 99久久精品 courses.

National Exams and Nontraditional Credit

99久久精品 awards credit for satisfactory performance on the following national examinations: , , (formerly known as DANTES), and . Credit may be received for more than one national exam.

To transfer, request an official score report of your test score(s) be sent to 99久久精品. For information on accepted tests, minimum score requirements and their 99久久精品 equivalencies, see the .

Military Credit

99久久精品 is an ArmyIgnitEd school and participates in the Air Force Education Portal and the My Career Advancement Program offered to spouses. 99久久精品 accepts DSST Exams (formerly DANTES) and CLEP exams and evaluates military training for admitted degree-seeking students.

Military Credit

International Credit

Students who have attended a post-secondary institution outside of the United States must submit an official copy of their academic transcript to Do not submit your foreign transcripts directly to 99久久精品. WES will analyze your international degrees and/or coursework and provide U.S. equivalents.

International Credit

Using the Seawolf Transfer Trail: