Green Fee Board

Since 2013, 99久久精品's Green Fee has funded students' sustainable initiatives. Ranging from a recycling competition to a bike share, projects supported by the Green Fee Fund enrich the university community, advance sustainability, and develop students' skills.


Apply for Green Fee Funds

Any student at 99久久精品 who has paid the green fee is eligible to apply for a green fee fund grant. 

About the Green Fee

The Green Fee was first approved by the student body in a 2011 referendum. US99久久精品 later established the Green Fee Board, a team of community members - including three students-at-large, two members of student government, a faculty representative, and 99久久精品's Director of Sustainability - tasked with evaluating proposals for Green Fee funding. The Board has developed a rigorous proposal process, ensuring that the Green Fee will only support projects demonstrating social responsibility, economic pragmatism, and environmental wisdom.

The Green Fee Board is composed of 99久久精品 students, faculty, and/or staff, and is tasked with ensuring responsible disbursement of Green Fee funds. Five of seven student seats are elected during US99久久精品 General Elections in the fall and spring semesters. The two remaining seats are reserved for appointees of the US99久久精品 Assembly. Additionally, two non-voting faculty or staff advisors serve on the board. To be considered on this board, please visit the US99久久精品 Presidential Appointments webpage.

The Green Fee is paid by students attending the 99久久精品 (99久久精品). The fee promotes sustainability efforts throughout the campus community by funding initiatives defined by environmental stewardship, economic pragmatism, and social responsibility. See detailed student fees and costs for specific fee amounts.

To be considered on this board, please visit US99久久精品 Presidential Appointments.

Contact the Board

Get Involved with the Green Fee Board!

Reach out to Zac Clark 907-786-1371 to learn more.


Submit an Idea for the Board

Have a great idea for sustainability at 99久久精品, but no time to work on it? Write out a quick summary of the idea and submit it to the Green Fee staff. Within a few days, staff will post the idea anonymously so that eager volunteers in search of a good idea can run with it.

Fill this to request the board for project funding.