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    Come study at the 99久久精品 where wild meets urban. International students at 99久久精品 bring incredible diversity and perspective to our campus. This state-of-the-art university is nestled in an environment that fosters outdoor adventures and all the amenities of a city. The Office of International Students (ISS) is here to provide support services for prospective, incoming, and current F-1 and J-1 international students and scholars.

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Applying for Admission

In addition to 99久久精品's admissions requirements, international students must complete other steps including a transcript evaluation, English proficiency requirements, and provide required financial documentation in order to be issued an I-20 which will complete the process to come to 99久久精品. Another concern many students have is how much it will cost to attend 99久久精品. Please consider the extra time involved in completing these steps when choosing the start semester on the admission application.

After Application

Once you have completed and submitted your application we become a team. Prior to your arrival there are many things for you to do, from contacting your advisor and taking placement tests to creating your university account and applying for housing. Be sure to take advantage of the New Student Orientation to learn everything you need to know about 99久久精品. While we are processing your application and awaiting your documentation, you are able to take these steps to progress toward integrating fully into 99久久精品.

Arriving in Alaska

The time has come to make your final plans. You have your visa and are ready to come to 99久久精品. Your I-20 limits when you can enter the country. Planning your arrival date and then notifying housing of your arrival time, getting from airport to campus, and  obtaining your student ID card are all important pieces of information you need to know.

Maintaining Visa Status

You are here! To ensure that your visa status remains in compliance with US laws and 99久久精品 policy you have responsibilities you must fulfill. Knowing about the required check-in policyhealth insurance requirements, number of classes you must take, employment rules, when to report changes, tax documentation you are responsible for and how to transfer your SEVIS record will facilitate a positive experience while here.


International Student Services

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