Eligibility & Student Responsibilities

Common Eligibility Requirements

Most financial aid offered from federal, state, and 99久久精品 funding sources have common eligibility requirements:

Maintaining Eligibility

To receive and keep your financial aid, you must maintain certain eligibility requirements throughout your college career.

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Programs & Courses Eligibility

Only certain degree and certificate programs and course types are eligible for financial aid.

Programs & Courses Eligibility

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Enrollment Eligibility

In order to receive and keep many types of financial aid, you need to be enrolled in a certain number of eligible courses each semester. Dropping, not attending or withdrawing from classes may greatly affect your financial aid. 

Enrollment Requirements & Exceptions

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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Most financial aid requires that you are making progress on your academic program in order to continue to receive it. SAP tracks that progress and is an important eligibility factor for financial aid.

SAP Requirements