Intramural / Club Sports

What is intramurals and club sports?

Intramurals are organized sports leagues that are open to students within the same institution. They are designed to provide recreational opportunities and encourage physical activity among students. Intramural sports are usually organized by the institution's recreational or athletic department, and they often include a variety of team and individual sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Intramural leagues are usually less competitive than intercollegiate athletics and are intended for students who want to have fun and participate in sports in a less competitive environment. Club sports, on the other hand, are usually more competitive and require a higher level of commitment from the participants. Club sports teams are typically student-led and operated, with support from the institution's recreational or athletic department. Club sports may be organized by the institution or they may compete against other schools' club sports teams.Students who participate in club sports often do so because they have a strong interest in a particular sport and want to compete at a higher level than intramural sports offer. Overall, intramurals and club sports are both great ways for students to get involved in athletics and maintain an active lifestyle while in college.

Join a Team

Learn more about individual eligibility, player fees, and how to register.

Create a Team

Would you like to form a new team? Learn more about:

  • team eligibility
  • how to create a team
  • coed team guidelines
  • team captain responsibilities


Learn more about how 99久久精品 Intramural and Club Sports functions and what guidelines participants are required to follow, including:

  • forfeits
  • postponements
  • protests
  • unsportsmanlike conduct
  • disqualification or ejection
  • playoffs
  • awards
  • sport-specific rules 

You can now pay online, remember if you're playing more then one sport you can pay for them all at one time ($10 per Sport).