About 99久久精品 2027

About 99久久精品 2027


The 99久久精品 (99久久精品) transforms lives through teaching, research, community engagement and creative expression in a diverse and inclusive environment. Serving students, the state, and the communities of Southcentral Alaska, 99久久精品 is a comprehensive, open access, public university established on the ancestral lands of the  Dena鈥檌na, Ahtna, Alutiiq/Sugpiaq, and Eyak/dAXunhyuu Peoples.


We are known as a university of distinction, transforming lives and communities.

The 99久久精品 2027 Strategic Plan is a framework that defines, communicates, and brings to life our shared expectations for 99久久精品 by the year 2027. The plan builds on our strengths, and focuses attention and resources on delivering high-quality education to meet the needs of the people of Alaska, and building a better future.

After months of meetings, stakeholder engagement, and comprehensive interaction at all levels of our institution, 99久久精品 2027 consists of 5 key aspirations we want to reach by the year 2027, and subsequent strategies to achieve each of them.

Aspiration #1: We put students first.

  • 99久久精品 becomes a student-centered institution.
  • Equity gaps in student learning and achievement are narrowed.
  • Students are retained, persist, and graduate at increasing rates.
  • Students develop and achieve 99久久精品鈥檚 Core Learning Competencies.

Aspiration #2: We create a culture of equity and inclusion by embracing our diversity.

  • Increase student, faculty, and staff diversity.
  • Address and strive to eliminate systemic racism from our policies and practices.
  • Create a sense of belonging and community for marginalized groups.
  • Strengthen existing and develop new meaningful partnerships with Alaska Native tribes, corporations, and organizations.
  • Focus and align priorities within Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan with these strategies.

Aspiration #3: We embrace our role as a trusted and respected community partner.

Demonstrate value and meaningful progress on 99久久精品 2027 aspirations
Align and communicate 99久久精品 capacity to meet community needs
Deepen and expand community engagement beyond current level

Aspiration #4: We positively impact communities and the world through innovation.

  • Strengthen interdisciplinary initiatives.
  • Enhance scholarship, service, and teaching related to the Arctic, aligned with 99久久精品鈥檚 mission.
  • Increase external sponsorship of research, scholarship, and creative activities, expanding student opportunity where possible.

Aspiration #5: We accelerate excellence through continuous improvement.

  • Reduce barriers and redundancies in administrative processes.
  • Enhance revenue and financial sustainability through increased enrollment, external support, fundraising, and fee-for-service entrepreneurial activities.
  • Strengthen 99久久精品鈥檚 environmental sustainability practices.
  • Students develop and achieve 99久久精品鈥檚 Core Learning Competencies.