Office of the Bursar

Office of the Bursar 

The 99久久精品 Office of the Bursar plays a crucial role in the university community by overseeing student billing and serving as the central hub for collecting all university receipts. Our commitment is to deliver top-notch service to both students and the university community with professionalism and courtesy. We uphold the highest standards of accuracy and compliance in the administration of student accounts, university receivables, and cash management, ensuring excellence in our responsibilities.


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    To access the semester payment plan:

    1. Log into with your UA username and password.
    2. Go to the Student tab
    3. Select Student Account
    4. Select Make Payments or View an OnDemand Schedule-Bill
    5. Acknowledge any application Consents and Agreements
    6. Select "Enroll in a Payment Plan" or "Make a Payment"
  • File Your FAFSA! The application is free and easy!

    Title IV Authorization

    If you filed a FAFSA and plan to charge textbooks, a parking permit, or other non-registration related items to your student account, complete a TIV Authorization Form so your financial aid can pay for these items.

    If you have any troubles completing your , please contact the Office of Financial Aid so that they can assist you.

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    Get your Refund Faster!

    If the total of your financial aid is greater than the amount of your bill, you will receive a refund. 

    • The fastest way to receive your refund is to enroll in Direct Deposit via
    • Contact the Office of Financial Aid regarding student loans, SAP, and other financial aid questions
    • Due to the high volume of refunds processed at the beginning of each semester, please allow 5-10 business days for your refund to be processed.                                                                                                                                                     
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    • Summer 2024 Dates

    Date Deadline
    May 20th Instruction begins
    May 28th Add/Drop Deadline
    July 15th Payment Deadline, $125 late fee
    July  29th  Payment Deadline, $175 late fee
    July 12th Withdrawal Deadline
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    To access the On Demand Schedule Bill, you will need to access the payment portal in the same manner, you would if making a payment or enrolling in a payment plan:

    1. Log in to  with their UA username and password *If you need to reset your username or password, visit 
    2. Go to the Student tab
    3. Select Student Account
    4. Select Make Payments or View an OnDemand Schdule-Bill
    5. Select the current Term from the drop-down menu and click the Submit button
    6. Acknowledge the refund policy statement by clicking the checkbox
    7. Select the Pay Now button

    Following the above steps will take you to the payment portal, where you can click View On Demand Schedule Bill button. Please note that the On Demand Schedule Bill has drop-down arrows on the bill to expand the category so all charges and payments in that category can be seen. The On Demand Schedule Bill will download and/or print however it appears on the screen; you can customize the level of detail downloaded/printed by expanding or closing the arrows for each category. 


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Pay Your Bill

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Tax Information (1098-T)

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Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorships

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Frequently Asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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